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Business Development

Entrepreneurship in Parachuting, services, knowledge management & marketing for the private and defense sector.

After three decades of leading the paratroopers in the Israel Defense Forces as a chief instructor for parachuting & skydiving

  • training hundreds of instructors and thousands of trainees in Static Line jumps and free fall jumps.

  • characterization and purchase of equipment.

  • managing contracts and agreements.

  • leading collaborations with foreign armies.

  • personal experience in training and lecturing, auditing.

  • risk management.


At Global Parachuting, we have all the knowledge and experience needed to lead processes and create business opportunities in a world that has fallen on all aspects.

 Eric has a comprehensive understanding of the personal needs of each body while having a broad view of all the services available in the world today and their adaptation to the customer's needs.

Personal customization

Tailoring a suit according to the customer's needs and resources.

current state of the art

Many years of familiarity with equipment manufacturers and the latest technology in the market. Gives a significant advantage to the customer.

Seniority and experience

Proven knowledge, experience and expertise gained in three decades of all aspects of parachuting.

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