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Global Parachuting Ltd. was established in 2022 by a senior parachuting instructor, CWO (Ret) Eric Gabay.

Eric has 27 years of experience in the field of parachuting, during which he served as chief instructor for training parachute instructors (Jump Masters) and then as chief instructor for military skydiving in the IDF.

Has expertise in automatic parachuting (S.L), skydiving, Aerial Delivery

And with the world of parachute equipment for the warrior paratrooper and organizations.

In three decades of work in the field of parachuting, Eric has gained knowledge, skill, professionalism and extensive experience in Israel and around the world in many collaborations with foreign armies.

In 2015, Eric led and initiated the establishment of an operational military free fall school, A professional company that trains the elite units and parachute instructors of the Israel Defense Forces.

Has personal experience of thousands of S.L & free fall jumps, management of 100,000 + parachute openings of paratroopers, has AFFI, MFFI, COACH certification,

Member of USPA & Israeli Skydiving Association.

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