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Our Partners

Global Parachuting Company which specializes in consulting, representing companies and skydiving services

It aims to cooperate with leading parachuting companies and service providers in order to produce a professional and complete solution for our customers.



Official supplier of the Israeli Ministry of Defense,  11025354

Membership in unions


United States Parachute Association :USPA

is a non-profit voluntary membership organization of people who enjoy and support the sport of skydiving. The association is incorporated in New York and follows the bylaws contained in the USPA Governance Manual.

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The Israeli Skydiving Association

A non-profit association working for the sport of skydiving in Israel.

The association holds active leagues in the wind tunnel and in the air and holds regular competitions throughout the year.

Companies and collaborations


Paradigm  Parachute & Defense

We are proud to exclusively represent in Israel the American company PARADIGM, which expert in the production of cargo parachuting equipment and personal parachutes.

(Represented in Israel through Karil International Marketing)

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The advanced wind tunnel in Israel was built according to a technological patent of the I FLY company that allows

Thanks to the movement of the wind inside a closed and safe flight cabin for everyone to fly.

The flight cabin allows training for private paratroopers or a unique program for Military units with and without equipment.


Karil international marketing

Global Parachuting is proud to cooperate with Karil international Marketing Member of American Mistral Group.

Karil specializes in representing companies and manufacturers in the field of defense and security in front the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

 Global Parachuting company establishes and leads the parachuting and Aerial Delivery section  in Karil and works for collaborations with marketers, manufacturers and service providers in this field.

Skylander Software

Programming Service

Skylander develops technologies for skydiving such as tools for planning, training and improving performance in flying a canopy for a safe landing and skydiving mission planning.

Global Parachuting partners and markets the company's products in Israel and abroad.

Skylander Software


More Companies coming soon…

Stay Tuned...

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