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Representation of companies and manufacturers

Representation of companies, manufacturers, and parachuting service providers in front of the Ministry of Defense and the Israel Defense Forces.

Global Parachuting is proud to lead, in cooperation with Karil International Marketing, the Parachuting Department, marketing and representing companies, manufacturers and service providers in the field of parachuting in Israel.

Karil International Marketing from the American Mistral Group, with decades of experience in representing and marketing companies in the field of security and defense.

This cooperation provides the customer with a reliable bridge of experience in international representation and marketing and uncompromising professionalism and a broad understanding of the needs of the end customer, this is what makes us valuable for those who are interested in marketing products to Israeli security bodies.


Managing the client with the Ministry of Defense from the stage of the agreements to the transfer of the equipment to the end user.

Adjusting the necessary equipment according to the operational need.


Experience and reputation in representing companies and service providers,

Sales promotion and door-to-door distribution ability.


Professional expertise, seniority and personal experience with the leading equipment manufacturers in the market in all aspects of parachuting.

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